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Prestan Products – Prestan Collection Medium Skin

Prestan Family Pack of CPR Manikins (2 Adults, 1 Child, & 2 Infants) with Compression Rate Monitors, Light Skin Tone

Prestan Professional Adult Medium Skin CPR-AED Training Manikin 4-Pack (with CPR Monitor) by Prestan Products

Prestan Ultralite CPR Manikins 4-pack

Prestan Single Ultralight CPR Training Manikin

Prestan Infant CPR-AED Manikin with Rate Monitor, Medium Skin (Medium Skin, 1)

4-Pack of Infant CPR Manikins with Compression Rate Monitors by Prestan, Medium Skin Tone PP-IM-400M-MS

TPAK700/TPAK700T CPR Prompt 5 Adult/Child Manikins & 2 Infant Manikins (Blue)

CPR Prompt (5 Pack) BLUE Adult/Child Manikins w/50 Lung Bags, Nylon Carry Case & Tool – LF06100U

CPR Prompt (5 Pack) BLUE Infant Manikins w/50 Lung Bags, Nylon Carry Case & Tool – LF06050U

Nasco – CPR Prompt® Adult/Child and Infant Training Pack

Beginner Instructor Package – CPR Prompt Manikins – Red Cross AED Trainer

NASCO LF06001U CPR Prompt Adult/Child Manikin with 10 Lung Bags and Tool, Blue

Life/Form CPR Prompt BLUE Single Infant Manikin w/10 Lung Bags & Tool – LF06002U by Life/Form by Nasco

Prestan PP-ALB-50 Prestan Professional Adult/Child Face Shield Lung Bag (Pack of 50)

Prestan Professional Adult 50 Pack Face Shields, PP-FS-50

Actar D-fib® 10 Pack

Life/form Basic Buddy Single Manikin; Adult/Child Manikin, 10 Lung Bags, and Instruction – LF03693U

Lifeguarding Classes, LLC

Lifeguarding Classes, LLC offers lifesaving classes and training throughout the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, and Europe. These trainings include CPR, AED, First Aid, BLS, CPR/AED/First Aid Instructor, Lifeguard-Pro Lifeguarding and Lifeguarding Instructor, and Babysitting. And, we offer a variety of certifications and other lifesaving training courses to choose from in your geographic area. All of the trainings and certification courses we offer are approved and successful completion ensure you have the credentials to be immediately employable.

One of our more popular courses is the ASHI IDC class. This Instructor Development Course is taken by professionals in all industries and equips participants with the necessary skill sets to deliver high-quality certification training to their communities, colleagues, and friends and family.

The Lifeguard-Pro lifeguard course and ASHI CPR course offerings can be completed at your convenience. They are offered as blended learning classes and include online and in-person sessions. So, the online component can be completed in the comfort of your own home, office, classroom, or even the while on vacation. The in-person sessions are completed once the online portion is successfully completed. Our office offers free unlimited customer service via telephone: 833-454-8273; email: classlifeguarding@gmail.com; or live chat!

The lifeguard training and other CPR certification courses are high-quality, relevant, rewarding, and important. Hence, they ensure our community members are prepared and properly trained to respond during an emergency. Contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns.

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