Lifeguarding Classes Training Sites

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Training Site with Lifeguarding Classes LLC. Please take the time to read through the requirements, expectations, and agreement. If you have any questions, please email our office (

Requirements and expectations

All Training Sites must own enough equipment for a full class for each curriculum for which they serve as a Lifeguarding Classes LLC Training Site. The equipment to participant ratio for all classes must be within the recommended ratio for whichever brand of training and curriculum is being delivered.

Training Sites can be individual instructors and/or any size training company. In all cases, the Training Site must have a legal business structure and have filed the proper and legal paperwork in any and all states in which they intend to conduct business and represent themselves as a Lifeguarding Classes LLC Training Site. A Training Site will not be given classes in any state in which they have not filed the proper legal paperwork for their business entity.

All Training Sites must have, at minimum, one certified instructor in good standing with the certifying agency, for each brand and/or curricula the Training Site will teach.

All Training Sites must have and maintain a general liability/professional liability insurance policy that, at minimum, includes: each instructor under the Training Site’s employ and who will potentially teach classes while acting as a Lifeguarding Classes LLC Training Site; ; $1M/occurrence and /$3M general aggregate minimum coverage. Proof of this insurance coverage must be provided to Lifeguarding Classes LLC each quarter and any time there is an insurance policy change. Each Training Site agrees to provide a Certificate of Insurance (COI) as requested by any and all host facilities, vendors, and partners. The Training Site must maintain said insurance policy in its entirety as long as acting as a Lifeguarding Classes LLC Training Site.



Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and reviewed upon receipt, on a first come first serve basis. Typically, Training Site candidates are notified within 14 business days of decision.